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We are living in the midst of a historic moment, which will shape our world for many years to come. Courses at CMC have been redesigned or newly created to deal with the key issues of the day:  the global pandemic, race, economic dislocation, the presidential election, the realignment of global power, and many more that give you the tools to analyze, to connect, to lead through uncertainty and change.

Universal design has been our mantra for months. Develop courses that work in person as well as online. Make sure no student is excluded, regardless of where they are. Redesign courses so that they work well beyond the walls of the classroom. Incorporate active, project-based learning wherever possible. Be ready for any scenario, any change.

CMC faculty have taken advantage of enhanced educational technology, training, and one-on-one coaching for teaching, research, and student engagement in a virtual world.

Many faculty are also changing their pedagogies to include more small group discussions; invited speakers from academics, policy, and industry; research projects; one-on-one meetings; and other innovations. Our IT office has made available enhanced technology and the training needed to use it well.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the curricular innovations coming this fall.

Curricular Innovations

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Academic Calendar

The Claremont Colleges will end class instruction before Thanksgiving. To make this possible, the following changes are made to the fall semester calendar:

  • Start courses on Aug. 24;
  • There will be no fall break;
  • There will be two Saturdays during which teaching will take place: one to replace a lost Tuesday and one to replace a lost Friday of instruction in the amended calendar;
  • Classes will end on Nov. 24;
  • The final exam period will take place the week after Thanksgiving (Nov. 30 – Dec. 4).

Continuing students will have a period of registration adjustment. This is not a full, fresh registration, where everyone has to start from scratch again. All students will stay enrolled in the courses for which they pre-registered. These courses may now be in a different time slot. A few courses may not exist anymore, and some new courses will have been developed. The registration adjustment period will occur during the first week of August for returning students; first-year students will register during the second week of August, following department and faculty advising sessions.

Cross Registration

Cross-campus registration will continue per usual, but each campus may put revised conditions on cross-registering. 

Grading Policy

The interim grading policies enacted in spring 2020 were for that semester only, and the AY 20-21 grading policy is under review by the faculty to be discussed July 28.  The AY 20-21 Course Catalog and all related dates will be published in August. If other changes to the grading policy are made, students will be notified in real time.

Pedagogy Support

A number of programs have been developed to support faculty in the development of their courses. These include: one-on-one faculty coaching and feedback on course modifications; a series of workshops to update faculty on best principles and practices for online teaching; and assistance with website creation and online content delivery.

Office hours with professors will occur virtually.


Athenaeum programming in the fall will be limited to virtual experiences. A reimagined virtual Athenaeum program will include world-class speakers and lively discussions.

These are preliminary updates and additional information will be provided throughout the summer as plans are finalized.

“Although the fall semester will be unlike any other, we remain absolutely committed to delivering the highest quality education to our students.”

Peter Uvin
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

CMC Zoom Forums

Select from the links below to access the Zoom recordings of our CMC Returns Forums.

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Recorded July 27, 2020

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Recorded July 28, 2020

Dean of Students
Virtual Office Hours

First-Year Students
Every Tuesday through Aug. 24

Returning Students
Every Thursday through Aug. 24 

Fall Semester Key Dates

Aug. 3-7
Returning student registration

Aug. 10-13
First-year student registration

Aug. 24
First day of classes

Nov. 24
Last day of classes

Nov. 30 - Dec. 4
Final Exams


The College received funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Learn more about how those funds were distributed to CMC students.

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