Faculty and Staff

We are committed to continuous, innovative support for our faculty and staff.

During our process of planning, collaboration, and discussion, we have engaged CMC’s senior leadership and numerous public health experts in a rigorous effort to find the best ways to support our campus community.

On-site medical support for faculty and staff includes rigorous screening, accessible testing, and quick results. Extended childcare benefits address K-12 schooling challenges. We have put maximum effort into all forms of support to ensure continuity of work.

Although the fall semester is fully online, certain staff still work on campus, as well as some faculty who choose to teach online in their original classrooms. In addition to continued health and safety protocols for those on campus, the College continues its commitment to provide staff and faculty with the technology required to work remotely.

Rigorous guidelines remain in place for any members of the CMC community, and visitors, who come to campus. Please see the Health & Safety page of this website for a comprehensive guide to current protocols, including mask-wearing and daily check-in.

This information will be updated as conditions change.


“Open and robust communication will be essential as we navigate these new challenges.”

Coreen Rodgers
Vice President of Business and Chief Operating Officer

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